Early 20th century Vienna. You are assisting the great illusionist, Splendini in what is to be his final performance. Word of Splendini’s reality-bending performances has reached the royal family. The Prince of Vienna invites Splendini to his castle for a private performance. The Prince instantly recognizes Splendini from the past. Why does the Prince have a grudge against Splendini? What is their connection? The jealous Prince seeks to ruin Splendini’s reputation and convinces the city that his “powers” come from an evil supernatural force. Ordered by the prince, the city’s Chief Inspector bans Splendini from performing in the city. To undermine the Prince’s authority, Splendini plans to stage one final show in an act of defiance. You have 1 hour to assist Splendini in his final performance and help him “disappear” before the authorities arrive.

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