During World War 2, the Nazis were responsible for stealing artistic masterpieces and artifacts from the countries they occupied. Many of these artifacts have never been found. During the war, a German defector supposedly created a treasure map leading to a secret stockpile rumored to contain some of the most valuable art and artifacts the Nazis had seized. The map was rumored to have been hidden inside of a French church by the defector himself after he fled Germany. No one has ever learned of the map’s supposed location….until now.
Your team of art historians, curators and archaeologists have been tasked to find the map and help restore these national treasures back to their rightful owners. Unfortunately, your team is not the only one to have learned of the map’s location. Mercenaries, thieves and black-market dealers are on their way as well! You have 1 hour to find the map before the other teams invade the Church and use the map for their own financial gain.

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